– by David Kozlowski

By now we’ve all seen the latest Justice League trailer, right? Too much info, not enough info, it’s a bit of a mess. Look, we’re at that painful phase of the relationship where we already know more than we should, but damned if we still don’t want to know more. Enter the marketing promos!

AT&T dropped a new “First Look” mix-tape, which provides 3% more new Justice League footage… OK, it’s more like 2%, but we also get some quote-y bits from the actors too, which kinda makes up for this strange video-clip salad. But if you’ve got AT&T on your mobile phone you can probably watch for free, so that’s something.

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What’s new in this promo, exactly? Around 35 seconds in, there’s this cut of Batman swinging across a burning battlefield (not clear what he’s swinging from exactly… just go with it). Shortly thereafter, the actors appear together and offer their thoughts on what it means to Justice League together. It’s all stuff you’ve heard before, but now it’s Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot telling you, and that’s pretty cool.

I don’t mean to be critical, but what precisely is Batman grappling from here?

The actors describe where their characters are emotionally at the start of the film: Batman is assembling the team, Wonder Woman is learning to trust again, Aquaman is testing the elements without a shirt on, Flash is stoked about making friends, and Cyborg apparently still has a human heart (a nod to The Wizard of Oz‘s tin man, I guess). Like I said, stuff we already knew, but now we really, really know it. Alright, so we’re having some fun at AT&T’s expense, but if we can’t goof around with Justice League media at this point then we’re taking all this way too seriously!

Does this new Justice League promo tell you anything new or surprising? Let us know in the comments down below!

Justice League hits theaters on 17 November 2017.

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David Kozlowski is a writer, podcaster, and visual artist. A U.S. Army veteran, David worked 20 years in the videogame industry and is a graduate of Arizona State University's Film and Media Studies.