– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Chris Evans has had an amazing run as Captain America on the silver screen. Across more than a handful of films, he’s turned what could have been a boring Boy Scout character into a living, breathing entity. As it stands, he will be a hard act to follow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but even the most diehard fan knows that his time is likely coming to an end.

If Marvel plans on sticking things close to the comic books, Cap’s death is likely right around the corner (though of course, his death actually happened in the Civil War comics, but whatever). But of course, it’s not a guarantee. The MCU has thrown us some curveballs. Will Avengers 4 actually be the last film Steve Rogers graces?

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“You want to get off the train before they push you off,” actor Chris Evans said in a recent report from The New York Times. They went on to say that Evans expects to return for reshoots in the fall for Avengers 4, but once those are done, he’ll pretty much be done with the star-spangled hero.

I hate to be that guy, but it sure sounds like Cap will be meeting his end in that movie, as expected. While I love the idea of him riding off into the sunset and retiring, the simple fact of the matter is that Cap isn’t the retiring type. The only thing that can keep him from saving an endangered world is death. If Marvel wants to combat a series of “But where’s Cap?” questions in every film, then they’ll likely have to plan the dude six feet under.

Do you think Cap is doomed? Let us know your guesses down below!

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