– by Campbell Clark

Avengers: Endgame is just over 4 months from release and so far we have had a trailer and some BTS images. We have also seen a little bit of rumored promotional art and it seems like we can finally call those pieces legitimate because they match up with some confirmed leaked art that hit the web recently.

Check out some of the images in the social media links below from various sources.

Now there is very little of what is shown here we have not already seen in a slightly different format. But it does give us a better look at where some of our heroes designs are headed for the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War.

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I have to say the art for Thanos look amazing, and it does look as if he will be donning that armor again that he hung up after his victory in Infinity War.

Probably the most dramatic changes are in Ronin/Hawkeye, who appears to be in a bad place at the start of Endgame. But we also see Hulk definitely wearing that suit we have seen elsewhere and looking a bit, shall we say Professor Hulk? Not to mention that Cap is wearing his helmet again, which he hasn’t since Captain America: Civil War. I do sincerely hope he gets his iconic shield back in this movie. He will though, won’t he?

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