– by Joseph Jammer Medina

We live in a world where there’s a whole lot of secrecy surrounding film projects — especially big films like Avengers: Infinity War. Reporters and fans like us hang on every little scrap of detail in hopes of putting together some mosaic of the film to come, and studios know this. As such, they do their best to keep their secrets safe. They make their actors sign exclusive NDAs, and when that fails, they flat-out refuse to let certain actors read the full script (We’re looking at you, Tom Holland).

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However, there is at least one of the actors, when given the chance, will forego the opportunity to read an entire script: Dave Bautista. In a recent interview with our very own Gig Patta, Bautista expressed his fan-first nature, and how he only reluctantly read the Blade Runner 2049 script after the producers told him to. Avengers: Infinity War, however was a different story.

Here’s what Bautista had to say:

“I’m going to go back to say that I’m a fan first. I’m a movie buff. I want to go in myself and watch it. I wanted to figure out on what’s going on and think about it. I also wanted to have conversations about it with people.

For example, Avengers: Infinity War, we were given the opportunity to read the script and we didn’t have to. So I chose not to.”

While a lot of fans prefer their actors to be completely steeped in the worlds they’re participating in, we really have to respect his desire to go into his films with as clean a slate as possible. That really shows how passionate he is in the storytelling medium.

Do you think it was a good choice for Bautista to forego reading the script? Let us know down below!

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Blade Runner 2049 is out in theaters now!

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