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Disclaimer: This post contains MASSIVE spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.






Avengers: Infinity War saw a good number of heads roll in its two hours and 30-minute runtime. Some rolled permanently, and some rolled (from what we can tell) just for the moment. Two seemingly-permanent deaths came rather early in the film’s runtime in what seemed to be a statement from Marvel Studios that anyone can die in this movie.

Heimdall was the first one to bite the dust after getting stabbed by Thanos, and Loki was the second to go, getting choked to death in a startingly horrifying manner. From there, Thanos left the ship to blow up, and only Thor himself seemed to survive the wreckage.

Fans of Thor: Ragnarok may have noticed that some standouts, including Valkyrie and Korg were nowhere to be seen. So were these characters victims of Thanos, or did they actually manage to escape? Interestingly enough, of all places this could have been addressed, it was at a high school in Iowa City that co-director Joe Russo visited.

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According to a post from Reddit, Russo confirmed that Valkyrie had indeed escaped Thanos’ clutches and that there were some Asgardians who used escape pods and ultimately survived. It sounds like Valkyrie was one of those Asgardians.

But what about Korg? Sadly, Russo was asked about this character, and Russo was unwilling to say what that hunk of rocks’ fate was. If we’re lucky, he’ll have made it, and he will be rejoining Valkyrie and Thor in Thor: Beyond Asgard (obviously, I just made up that title right now, but you get the point).

What do you think of Russo revealing these characters’ fates? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Iowa City Press, Reddit

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