– by Nick Doll

Avengers: Infinity War is surely the most anticipated film of this new year, 2018 (sorry, Solo). The nearer we get to release of the third Avengers film on May 4, the more rumors and set photos begin to emerge, offering us looks at both Infinity War and the currently untitled Avengers 4, before Marvel Studios has the chance to reveal them in their own countless posters, trailers, and TV spots.

When we last saw Cap’s best pal, Bucky aka The Winter Soldier, he was put back on ice in Wakanda until Steve could find a way to completely un-brainwash his little buddy. Bucky was, of course, missing his mechanical arm, blown off by Stark’s arc reactor in the final clash in Captain America: Civil War.

Yet, Bucky has a mechanical arm in the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. Seeing as how he is still in Wakanda in the trailer, and Wakanda is known for its technological advances, it would make sense he got his new arm right from the source. Director Anthony Russo hinted to We Got This Covered where the arm’s origins may lay:

“For everyone who’s seen Captain America: Civil War, they know Bucky was taken in by T’Challa in Wakanda. I think that, you know, we catch back up with him after he’s been there for a while, and if there’s an influence on his arm, it may perhaps have to do with that country that he’s been spending time in.”

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New arm influenced by Wakanda? By Jove, I think he may have an arm made of Vibranium now! Wouldn’t that make him the perfect candidate to take the mantle of Captain America if Steve Rogers meets a violent end?

Do you think Bucky will have a Vibranium arm in Infinity War? Do you think he is worthy to assume the mantle of Captain America should something happen to Steve, or would you rather see Falcon become the star spangled man? Let us know in the comment section below!

Avengers: Infinity War is out May 4, 2018!

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SOURCE: We Got This Covered