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For some time, Avengers director Joss Whedon was attached to bring the Batgirl character to the big screen in her own live-action feature, but not too long ago, he stepped away from the project. The reason was a simple one. He claimed that he simply didn’t have a story for the character, and in an era where nailing the stories for these female-led superheroes was paramount, he thought it best to cut his losses and let someone else take a stab at it.

It sounds like Warner Bros. isn’t letting the property die anytime soon. Deadline is reporting that screenwriter Christina Hodson is now working on the script for the film. Hodson most recently wrote the screenplays for the movies Shut In and Unforgettable — neither of which landed with audiences or critics. Her biggest project to date is the upcoming Transformers spinoff Bumblebee.

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Given her track record so far, it’s a bit difficult to get too excited about this project just yet. As it stands, she has yet to pen a critical success, and while Batgirl is a big name in and of itself, at this stage in the game, Warner Bros. needs films with critical approval, otherwise, getting a positive word-of-mouth is near-impossible in this day and age.

However, screenwriters in Hollywood aren’t like authors. Their quality tends to live or die depending on the talent surrounding them. Film is, after all, a collaborative art form, and if writers are being funneled down a certain path, it’s impossible for them to write a good story, no matter how talented they are. Similarly, if they are surrounded by the right people, their guidance can help take the story in a direction that truly works. This is all a long way in saying that gauging the potential success of a film’s story is very difficult, and even Oscar-winning screenwriters like Chris Terrio and Akiva Goldsman have had their stumbles.

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SOURCE: Deadline

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