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No major spoilers here, but a few tidbits about Batman until the next scoop comes around for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

On Batman-on-Film.com’s site, they managed to get some scoops, including on the Batman’s suit and Lex Luthor’s hair. They are relatively minor spoiler so you can continue to read the below.

Here are the scoops:

Ben Affleck’s stunt double has been “very busy” as Batman.

Batfleck’s Batsuit is steel grey and black. It’s mostly made of foam rubber even though it appears to be “cloth.” It has the muscles built into the suit (which I think is supposed to be “armor” under the “cloth” bodysuit.

Lexcorp is a “very cool set.” It’s got a “Google” vibe and includes a basketball court!

Lex has hair – whether or not the character has hair during the entire film is unknown.

You can take this as fact or a grain of salt.

With production underway, you’ll be hearing even more scoops and leaks soon. The film is scheduled for a release date on May 6, 2016.

Source: Batman-on-Film.com