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UPDATE: Turns out this whole interview is bogus. Premiere contacted Cosmic Book News and told them that they never had an interview with Patrick Tatopoulos.


To say the recent “Batman v Superman” trailer was divisive among fans would be something of an understatement. Some fans adored the action and the increasingly hostile tête-à-tête between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent at the trailer’s beginning, while some couldn’t overlook the large amount of CG and more importantly, the reveal of Doomsday. Sure, fans knew that by the end of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Batman and Superman would be pals, and that justice will have dawned. It’s in the title of the film, after all. But some would argue that “Batman v Superman” is also in the title, and that you eliminate all tension when you actually show them working together in what we expect to be the final act of the movie…or at least what we expected to be the final act of the movie.

In a recent interview with French magazine Premiere (via CBM), “Batman v Superman” production designer Patrick Tatopoulos gave out some extra details involving the unstoppable force that is Doomsday.

“We are able to tell a story in a fresh way. Doomsday is an evolution essentially. Fans may be aware of the death of Superman story, but this is handled in such a new way.”

From what we can tell, this new way is Lex Luthor creating the creature from General Zod’s dead body. It’s been a forever-speculated twist that most fans called the very second Zod’s corpse was revealed in the first trailer. However, Tatopoulos’ comments get far more interesting.

 “When the film is called ‘Batman v’ or ‘versus Superman,’ it really has a lot of levels to the meaning. Superman isn’t just killed off at the end of something. We see how he evolves as part of Lex’s plan to protect the world.  Seeing the Superman we know, be gone, and then replaced with this reproduction is really going to make fans think of how we look at these super beings. It was especially interesting to figure out, how would you create Superman from Zod… then how would that [e]volve into Doomsday.”

The coolest thing that Tatopoulos says, however came after this long explanation. For those not wanting to be spoiled, look away.


“[The] timeframe of how things fall into place will surprise fans. Doomsday isn’t just the final act.”

If the word of this production designer can be believed, this changes everything. Is that shot of Doomsday from the first two-thirds of the film, and if so, what does the final battle entail? From a strictly Doomsday standpoint, this makes sense, as this could simply be a “prototype” of the villain.

For those unfamiliar with Doomsday, he is a creature with many forms, for a lack of a better term. Created to withstand the elements, whenever a version of Doomsday would die, he would be reanimated, and over time, he became powerful baddie we know him as today.

When Doomsday was revealed in the most recent “Batman v Superman” trailer, many fans came to its defense, claiming that this Doomsday won’t be the final enemy, and that it’s likely just an early evolution of the creature that will be destroyed and used to create an even stronger Doomsday, to be fought in a later film. But as far as what this actually means for the story of the movie, it’s hard to say. I’d like to think that the production designer was hinting at more than just another evolution of Doomsday than what we saw in the trailer, but it may be just that.

What do you think we can expect in the final act of “Batman v Superman?” Let us know your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Premiere (via CBN)

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