– by Campbell Clark


I had wondered whether we would see Wong at all in Avengers: Endgame, the sorcerer appeared briefly at the beginning of Infinity War but had nothing more to do with the events of that movie, once they left New York that is.

I had my doubts about whether Wong would appear in Endgame as it seems like there wouldn’t be enough time to deal with what everyone, elsewhere was doing. Instead, they focused on the remaining members of the Avengers, as they should be doing in this movie.

Well, it seems as though this theory is now confirmed, sort of. CBM reported actor Benedict Wong’s response when asked if Wong was now the sorcerer supreme given Doctor Strange’s absence at a recent Q&A? Here is the actor’s response.

“Ha! Why not! He’s currently guarding the Sanctum.”

Whilst this isn’t confirmation that Wong is not in Endgame, given the fact we have not heard he is and his response here it seems pretty clear that Wong is off doing whatever he does to protect the sanctum. No doubt Wong is very hungry seen as his literal meal ticket has vanished to dust presumably along with his credit cards.

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This is fine with me, though some fans may be peeved that Wong didn’t help the team with some magical ability given what is going down. Yet, if they don’t ask for his help, how would he know what they are planning? I’d also guess that the current state of affairs could leave the sanctum vulnerable and it’s perfectly reasonable to assume he is off defending the sanctum from other threats whilst his stomach rumbles.

Do you want to know more about Wong, or are you as happy as me that Endgame will put the focus where it matters most? Leave your thoughts below along with your favorite flavors of Avengers based ice cream.

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