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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Chicanery

For the last few weeks in Better Call Saul, we have been consumed with the “Mike” story line, and the reintroduction of Breaking Bad characters. We have seen Gus (Giancarlo Esposito), Victor (Jeremiah Bitsui), Tyrus (Ray Campbell), Salmanca (Mark Margolis), Bolsa (Javier Grajeda), The Doctor, The Brothers, and this week we got a special treat with Huell (Lavell Crawford). Huell was one of my favorite characters from Breaking Bad, and I will never forget the scene where Hank shows him the picture of Jesse’s brains and Huell spills his guts, figuratively.

However, this week, we have a full Jimmy/Kim episode, or rather a Jimmy vs. Chuck episode. In fact, think of this episode as a dirty Law & Order episode. My prediction here, as judging by the seedy means of Jimmy sabotaging Chuck, the loser, and the person disbarred from practicing law will be Chuck. The problem is Chuck’s ego, he simply can’t help himself. Anytime that Jimmy (Saul) gets the upper-hand, Chuck spills his guts. My gut tells me that, for the Saul line of the series, Chuck will be disbarred and Jimmy will no longer be able, or want to, use his name. Thus, Saul is born. It’s all good man.

We begin the episode in the courts, and Kim seems more ruthless than she has ever been. After some back-and-forth, Chuck gets on the stand and Jimmy takes over the defense questioning. Prior to this, Huell had slipped a battery inside of Chuck’s vest, which amazes me that this gigantic man seems to be the best pickpocket in the world.(Small side note, it seems that Crawford has lost about 100 lbs — so good for him.) Jimmy brings Chuck’s ex-wife Rebecca in, simply to toy with his mind, and with a warning by Kim that “Rebecca will never forgive you for this,” Jimmy proceeds.

The problem with Chuck is that he thinks his s**t does not stink. Instead of being a brother that would be proud of his younger sibling rising above the delinquency from his youth, he only wants to make sure that Jimmy can never be a legitimate attorney. The other problem Chuck faces is that Jimmy likely has an IQ about 50 points above him. That fact, and the fact that Chuck is “not all there,” does not bode well for the well respected attorney from HHM Lawfirms.

At the end of the episode, the battery comes into play. Chuck figures out that Jimmy would be smart enough to bring his cell phone, but does not realize that the battery has been in Chuck’s coat pocket the entire time. Is this entrapment? Possibly. However, it proves that Chuck has no business practicing law. He is insane.

I have not watched the preview for next week, but I think it will at least be a 50/50 Jimmy/Mike episode, but I doubt we will see the full results of this hearing until the last episode, which unfortunately is not far away.

Let’s hear it! More Mike/Gus or more Jimmy/Kim (and no, you can not include how gorgeous Kim is, only the story line.)

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