– by Nick Doll

Everyone is open to often unnecessary criticism thanks to the internet, but few have the experience of having to please the masses by “correctly” portraying a character from the comics; a character that has been beloved for generations.

Audiences and comic fans are going to have expectations simply going into casting, but after playing T’Challa aka Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War, Chadwick Boseman knows he has to take all the haters with a grain of salt, and can’t let their opinions dictate how he plays the character.

Boseman told CinemaBlend how he responds to fan reaction he sees:

“Yeah, see… I see it. I see certain things, but I see it in a different way because it’s important for me to not look at everything that’s happening, so I see it because some stuff is impossible to not see. But there’s a certain removal I have to have from it in order to play it because you have people saying it’s got to have this or it’s got to have that and if you were to follow — if I was to follow their thoughts from the last one it would’ve been a lot of stuff that was wrong. So I think you kind of have to stay in it in a way where your decisions are made based upon the things that are organic — there’s a lot of storytellers here; all of the different departments are all storytellers and so you’re collaborating with them more so than you can the audience. You are collaborating with the audience, but if I was doing a play and I’m onstage with somebody and the audience responds we get that direct, you know, I know that that worked because you responded to it.”

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Boseman knows that even while ignoring internet criticism, there is a lot of better material to go on:

“But between blogs and this and that and journalists it’s like you can’t really put your foot in that. So I would say no it’s the fact that now in this case you have a new director that’s building on the steps of previous directors and writers and new writers. It’s the baby of Stan Lee and Feige. There’s so many other factors that come into play, various different writers and various different versions of the character so it’s a lot of stuff to put in that you are being influenced by.”

Are you still stoked for Black Panther? How stoked on a scale of 1 to 10? 11? Does Boseman has the right idea behind what he lets influence his portrayal of T’Challa? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend