– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Marvel Studios has come a long way in the past decade. While there is a myriad of reasons as to why their Cinematic Universe has become so successful, a lot of it can be traced back to their respect for the source material. Simply put, Kevin Feige and co. tend to be pretty big nerds who know the comics inside and out, and are therefore able to use their vast knowledge to pick, choose, and create what works best for the films.

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Marvel Studios has also done a great job of hiring talent to carry that out. However, while there are some key talents involved like James Gunn, who are just as passionate about the comics as Feige, they aren’t always. Case in point: Black Panther screenwriter Joe Robert Cole.

Speaking with our very own Nancy Tapia, Cole made an interesting confession.

“I am not a big comic book reader. I wasn’t a big comic book reader growing up. I read some of the Christopher Priest run once I was an adult, and I found the Panther character fascinating. I love heroes and anti-heroes, so I have a natural inclination towards comic book movies, and that was more of my introduction to the Marvel universe, was through their films. I knew once Captain America: Civil War introduced T’Challa in it, that they would likely be doing a standalone, so I was very excited about it.”

However, don’t mistake this comment for him not doing his homework. As we reported earlier today (check the “Related” link above), when he got the gig, Cole went through the arduous task of reading through every single run of the character. However, it wasn’t necessarily his love for the comics that brought Cole to the project, but his love for the potential for interesting and unique themes.

From what we’ve heard about the film, regardless of whether or not he was a comic dude, it sounds like he — along with all the other key creative talents — did an amazing job of realizing this character for the big screen.

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