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Boba Fett Star Morrison Disgruntled He Was Not In Mando Season 3

In a recent interview Robert Rodriguez refuses to confirm any kind of Star Wars or Boba Fett return. Does that mean it's not happening?

It seems Boba Fett star Temuera Morrison is a bit disgruntled he was not in Mando Season 3. Morrison says he was told he would be in Season 3, and yet the call never came. It would be fair to say Morrison was also a little critical of the Mando invasion in Book of Boba Fett. Speaking at a recent convention covered by, Morrison doesn’t seem to be in the know when it comes to what is happening with his character.

“I was supposed to be in The Mandalorian season 3 but nobody rang me,” the clearly disgruntled actor said. “I was waiting for the phone call in New Zealand, waiting and wanting to give up.”

Morrison then talked about The Book of Boba Fett.

“Well, that Mando guy stole a few chapters of my book. It was painful watching him turn up with some black new lethal sword,” he says. “And the way he turned up in my Book of Boba, he just destroyed everybody. I’m sure this guy is…ah…ruining my show. But I couldn’t say anything. I’m not the writer, so I have to bear it I guess.”

There was some criticism of the Mando episodes being placed into Boba Fett. However, I also have to be honest and say those were the best two episodes of Boba Fett by far. That doesn’t mean I agree that’s where they should have happened though. Ultimately for me, the issues with The Book of Boba Fett were two fold.

Issues With The Book Of Boba Fett

One: The script just wasn’t all that good. Tonally Fett wasn’t mature or gritty enough for a show dealing with the criminal underworld. As my The Cantina co-host Kyle and I have said many times, it should have been Sopranos in space. Not necessarily only for adults like Sopranos. However a PG-13 Godfather with Fett as Michael Corleone in space sounds dope.

Secondly: We have the direction and the style of Robert Rodriguez, which simply did not work for me in this show. The whole show felt cheap and leaned far too much into Rodriguez fare like Spy Kids. Those Vespa MOD bikers were simply one of the worst design calls I’ve ever come across. As such the show felt cheap, small, and aimed at kids more than adults. Amazing really, as that is crazy for a character like Boba Fett.

I’ll stress that none of this is anything to do with Temeura Morrison. The actors delivered his lines, and played what he was asked to do. It just wasn’t well written or directed outside of the Mando 2.5 episodes, which were actually brilliant.

This sounds a bit like Morrison was told he’d turn up in Mando Season 3, then Lucasfilm just ghosted him. Maybe that’s inaccurate, but Morrison’s own words are all we have to go on.

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I would certainly hope that Lucasfilm/Disney don’t get angry about Morrison’s words here. Instead take them, and the Boba Fett criticism to heart. Boba Fett did deserve better and if he is coming back, which he should, then aim for a tone closer to Andor. Let’s see the criminal underworld in all it’s glory. Fett is a great window into this world and whilst still a criminal, he would be the honorable criminal who also looks after the little guy.

Lucasfilm, Kyle and I will happily write you a second Season of Book of Boba Fett, just give us a call, details below.

What do you think as Boba Fett star Temuera Morrison is a bit disgruntled he was not in Mando Season 3? Thoughts below as always.

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