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I guess we can add TRANSFORMERS to the list of franchises that people feel should end yet have decided to prepare another trilogy of films. I’ll let you guess what the other one is.

Hasbro has announced that there will be a new TRANSFORMERS flick to aide you in that do-it-yourself lobotomy you’ve been considering. And, in case you’re worried that the ordeal is going to take a long time to end, they’re actually coming out rapid fire. They’re planning to release a new TRANSFORMERS film annually each June for three years, starting in 2017.

  1. The first one will be a direct sequel to TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, reuniting director Michael Bay and actor Mark Wahlberg
  2. The second will seemingly be a solo adventure for Bumblebee
  3. The final film is described as a general TRANSFORMERS story


SOURCE: Bloomberg