Brian Michael Bendis To Write Action Comics, Superman for DC Comics. Will Debut in Action Comics #1000

When Brian Michael Bendis announced his move to DC Comics last November there was so much speculation on what titles he could possibly take over. Then in an interview with we learned that it was a Superman exhibit that really inspired him to make the move over to DC Comics. A couple of weeks ago, even after a health scare Bendis finally officially joined DC Comics and now thanks to an exclusive from Forbes we have word on what Bendis will be doing at DC and by the looks of it, to say that he is going to have his hands full is an understatement.

According to the interview, Bendis will be taking over the writing duties on both Superman and Action Comics. He will be making his DC Comics debut in a very important moment in comic book history:

“My first appearance in DC Comics will be Action Comics #1000. It was a lovely offer from [DC Comics Co-Publisher] Dan DiDio when we were discussing my plans and what I could or couldn’t do. He called me up the next day and he goes, ‘I don’t want to be greedy or rush you, but we happen to have this once in a lifetime Superman situation going on with Action Comics #1000.’ And I’m desperately in love with the DC anniversary editions, I’ve always been in love with them. Superman #400 for example is one of the best comics ever made, it’s such a celebration of art.”

Bendis will be part of an amazing creative line up to commemorate Superman’s historic moment. But that like we briefly mentioned that is only the beginning. Bendis explains that the issue will be the start of some major changes to both Superman, his family and Metropolis:

“It’s not just some random backup story or flight of fancy. It is a major chapter in what we’re doing, with some really big bombs we’re dropping in Superman’s life — and two of them happen right there in Action Comics #1000. So it’s a huge tease of what we’re doing and what’s coming up in Superman’s life.”

He will follow up that special book with a six issue mini-series titled Man of Steel, which will continue to set up Superman’s new status quo. Also, he mentions that it will debut a blockbuster villain that connects deeply with Superman’s origin. He will be working with some of DC’s best artist like Kevin Macguire, Ivan Reis, Doc Shaner and Jason Fabok:

“It’s six issues, and I’m writing all of them. They’re telling the giant new story that’s the status quo, what’s going to be going on with Superman and Metropolis and everything around him. Again, it’s following up on the big bombs we drop not only in Action Comics #1000, but following up all of those beats and digging in even deeper.”

By the time we have the return of the monthly Superman and Action Comics titles, Bendis says that a lot will have changed in Superman’s world. He also describes the direction of both books:

“The fallout of Man of Steel #6 is enormous. It’s some of the biggest status quo changes to Superman literally since Crisis. So we’ll be launching Superman with a brand new #1, and that’s going to be very Superman-focused and big DC action stories. Action Comics will be launching with #1001, I’m very happy to say, and that will be focused more on Clark and Metropolis and the Daily Planet, and how the world of Superman effects the world of DC.”

He also takes a moment to explain to readers that this is not a reboot for Superman and his world. That his run will follow what both Dan Jurgens, Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason who have done a fantastic job with both titles.

Bendis is definitely saying all the right things to have fans excited to see his debut with such an iconic character like Superman. Although I will say that I am surprised by DC Comics’ trust in a writer who has just joined the DC team, although this is no ordinary writer, this is Brain Michael Bendis. He summarizes his feelings towards the direction that he will have to take Superman in this day and age, talking about the classic line “Truth, justice and the American way,” and what that means in regard to writing the character. As well as the hope that Superman has always stood for:

“Truth has been revealed to not be as black and white as we thought it was; justice is sadly not always for everybody; and the American Dream, the American way of everybody coming here to pursue the idea that they can live a safe and healthy life — these are ideas we always took for granted, but now we don’t. No matter where you are politically, we just don’t take these things for granted anymore.”

“And now I think it’s time Superman stand up and give us that hope we always want from him. It’s a great thing to be writing a character who exudes hope at a time when people really, really need it.”

Stay tuned as we will have a lot more information on Bendis partnership with DC Comics throughout the day! Check out the cover art for Man of Steel #1-#4 by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado provided by DC Comics below!

What are your feelings about Bendis taking over DC Comics’ Superman? Like it? Love It? Hate it? Let us know in the comment section below!

DC Comics’ Action Comics # 1000 will soar into stands April 18, 2018.

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Source: Forbes

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