– by Campbell Clark

We are all expecting something pretty powerful when Captain Marvel finally gets her powers. Carol Danvers was always one of the strongest Marvel heroes in the comics and we have been told to expect her to be the most powerful hero yet in the MCU. Kevin Feige himself has called her the strongest hero audiences have seen yet and I don’t think this surprised fans in the slightest who are familiar with the comic origins.

But just how powerful is Captain Marvel going to be? Well if we are to believe Captain Marvel herself, actress Brie Larson in the video below, then the answer is… Very!

To summarise Larson’s response in the video above from Red Carpet Interviews,

“She’s so strong, she can move planets! So, to me, it’s like how far can I go with this strength?”

Okay, so yeah, that is pretty strong, I mean, we are talking Superman levels here folks. And by that I am talking Christopher Reeve era Superman here, not Henry Cavill. Cavill looks the more buff, but I never imagined that character just pushing planets. Now, perhaps Larson misspoke some, perhaps she has powers other than sheer strength, that could change the orbit of a planet? I don’t know any more than you readers sorry, but damn! Is Marvel about to unleash their own Superman-like character into the MCU? It certainly appears so and I can’t wait to see what a match-up between Thanos and Captain Marvel looks like in Avengers 4 (Thanos did move a moon, so I suppose now it’ll be a fair fight).

Of course, we will get to find out much more about Carol Danvers and her powers when Captain Marvel is released in March next year. Is Hulk going to be relegated to third strongest Avenger now? Do we think MCU Captain Marvel could go toe to toe with Superman? Ok I went too far, but share your thoughts on this revealing news in the usual place below.

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SOURCE: Red Carpet Interviews