– by Campbell Clark

The dreaded reshoots word to fans often spells disaster, though if you follow us here at LRM, you are probably already aware that virtually all big tentpole movies plan in reshoots within their schedule. It just makes sense when dealing with movies that have so much post work, that sometimes the directors will feel a little more is needed here or there as the edit takes shape.

Marvel Studios movies have virtually all features reshoot windows and both Avengers 4 and now Captain Marvel are no different. The reshoots for Captain Marvel are currently taking place before the movies March release date and thanks to JustJared, who has managed to once again get some sneaky set photos, we can see some of the cast involved.

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In particular, if you go and check out the photos you will see that both Brie Larson and Clark Gregg are pictured together on set. Exactly which cast members are returning for reshoot is unknown at this time. Check it out below.

Now you may think it’s getting a little late in the day for reshoots when Captain Marvel opens in roughly 3 months’ time, but actually, this is again pretty common. The perfect time to schedule in reshoots is after you plan to have some edits together, this allows the team at Marvel studios to decide what’s working well and what they might need to both cut and add from the movie.

However, Marvel’s Avengers 4 had their reshoots schedule for much earlier, because more than likely getting all those huge stars together requires just a little more planning, and the fact that the majority of principal photography was shot at the same time as Avengers: Infinity War.

Of course, reshoots are not always a good thing, just look at what a mess Justice League turned out to be after extensive reshoots. Then again, The Last Jedi had no reshoot schedule and I personally thought Justice League was more fun than that (Editor’s Note: You’re wrong).

Any of you fans got any ideas what they may be adding more of here other than Phil Coulson, then give us a shout in the usual place below.

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SOURCE: JustJared (via Twitter)