– by Campbell Clark

We don’t have long to wait now for Captain Marvel, the first MCU movie of 2019 to hit theaters on March 8th. That’s only 37 short days away and amazingly we are still finding out about a few little details we knew nothing of.

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It had been rumoured that the Kree Supreme Intelligence would appear in Captain Marvel, which makes sense given the heavy focus on the Kree/Skrull war in the movie. In the comics, the Supreme Intelligence was a sort of giant green disembodied head, but it looks like that won’t be how the character is portrayed in the MCU. A recent social media post by MCU Eternal has highlighted some images from a new Captain Marvel prequel comic and it seemingly reveals that the Supreme Intelligence will be played by none other than Annette Bening. Check it out.

We knew Annette Bening was going to be in Captain Marvel, though not in what role, but as you can see here from the image, it is logical that Bening is playing the Kree Supreme Intelligence based on her look in the trailer. Whether this is the complete look, or the disembodied green head is also there somewhere is unclear. Though I think having an actual actor portray the role is more in keeping with the slightly more grounded feel of the MCU in comparison to the comics. Some fans will be upset by this change, but did we really want to see a giant CGI head? Check out an image of the comic version below

We also have a little speculation here, based on the images shown, it appears like Carol has some sort of Kree implant on her neck which absorbs power. Is it possible this is a form of controlling Carol’s powers so that she is not too strong? Could Carol remove this in the movie and find that the Kree have been holding back her full potential? We also get confirmation of Carol being called Vers, which we are told is due to her dog tags missing the rest of her name and leaving only the ‘vers’ at the end.

We also know that for whatever reason Carol has lost her memories or they are being supressed. So, I’m thinking that they find Carol, realise her potential as a weapon for the Kree and wipe her memories. It’s also possible they stop her from becoming too powerful so she is easier to control. I have the feeling that Danvers is going to spend the first half of the movie chasing the Skrull and the second half going after the Kree who enslaved her and took her memories. But let’s be clear this is just speculation on my part and we won’t know for sure until March 8th.

What do you think of Bening as the Supreme Intelligence, are you getting hyped for Captain Marvel yet? Project your energies into the comments section below and let us know what you think.

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SOURCE: MCU Eternal (via Twitter)