– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Marvel Studios’ landslide victory over the box office continued this past weekend. With Captain Marvel dominating its opening weekend with over $153 million, many had their eyes set on the second weekend. After all, a strong opening weekend can just be a fluke result of all the controversy surrounding Brie Larson, right? With the movie generally being perceived by most as “just okay,” there’s no way it would have repeat success in its second weekend, right?

If that’s what you were hanging your hat on, then I have bad news for you. Captain Marvel has performed incredibly well in its second weekend, taking in $69.3 million in North America alone, dropping 54.8% from its opening weekend. For reference, 56% is the average drop for the second weekend of films set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and 69% is generally considered very bad news.

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So, yeah, from the look of it, Captain Marvel is performing right on the money, which is pretty darn surprising considering how high its opening weekend was to begin with. Had this been a $100-opening film like initially expected, it would have had a drop of only around 31%…though I admit that making such a comparison at this point is disingenuous, considering that it brought in much more than that in its opening weekend.

On the worldwide front, Captain Marvel has broken $760 million, with a $1 billion cume seeming more and more like an inevitability. Without a doubt, it will be surpassing the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy ($773 million) and Wonder Woman ($821 million), making for an undeniable success just prior to Marvel Studios’ biggest joint yet, Avengers: Endgame, which will see the grand conclusion of Phase 3.

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SOURCE: Box Office Mojo

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