– by Joseph Jammer Medina

We all know how meta some studios love to get with their marketing. Deadpool famously probably does the best job out of all of them in creating a wealth of original content just in the marketing of the movie. But, of course, there is opportunity all over if the place if you’re creative enough to look for it — and look Marvel Studios did with Captain Marvel.

I know I’m not the only out there who has been a bit underwhelmed with the trailers for this movie. Sure, I’ll be there on day one no matter what, but were this any other studio, they’d be in real trouble here. That being said, they managed to do some clever things with the ’90s-set movie. In addition to having a traditional modern site, they went and turned all ’90s on us.


Oh yeah, this really takes me back. All of a sudden I’m taking a trip down memory lane, remember me trying to build the ultimate Dragonball Z fan site using Angelfire. This site here is the stuff I wished I had the skill to do because I thought it looked almost as badass as Michael Jordan was. Only now can we truly laugh at the error of our ways.

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This site is chock-full of Easter eggs, including allusions to Goose the cat’s comic book name, the old lady Captain Marvel punches in the trailer, and countless other goodies you can check for.

What do you think of the site? Is it everything you wished it would be? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Marvel

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