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STAR TREK BEYOND marks the third time audiences will revisit rebooted the U.S.S. Enterprise and its crew. While we can expect some of our favorite defining traits of the characters to remain intact, what good would any story be if there was no core underlying emotional story to tell?

In a new featurette, the filmmakers give some extra insight into Captain James T. Kirk and the emotional situation he finds himself in this time around.

As stated in the featurette, in many ways, being captain of the Enterprise is perhaps the most defining aspect of his life. His home is the ship, and his family is his crew. On top of that, the only other real defining moment of his life was when his father died along with his ship before he was born.

In BEYOND, Kirk finds his ship destroyed, his crew scattered, it’s bound to take a toll on him.

STAR TREK BEYOND hits theaters tonight!

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SOURCE: Paramount Pictures