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Postal #25 Wraps Up An Amazing Story By Bryan Edward Hill

It's hard to believe that the first issue of Top Cow Production Inc.'s first issue of Postal first came out in the beginning of 2015. Now we are in the beginning of 2018 with the

Dissonace #1 From Top Cow Introduces Us To A New World Of Human & Spirit Hybrids

Top Cow Productions has always had a fantastic reputation for bringing comic book readers unique titles by some amazing creative teams like Think Tank, Eclipse, and Postal. Today they are set to release a brand

Valiant’s X-O Manowar #11 Enters Its Next Step Titled Visigoth

Last March was the release of the brand new series from Valiant Entertainment X-O Manowar. The hero most Valiant fans know is gone, he had gone back to a simple lifestyle being a farmer away

Fire Punch Vol. 1 Review: Unflinching & Unforgiving

In this debut manga, My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki takes front in center in his own shonen quest to become the very best *fill-in-the-blank,* channeling the power of fire to wage war with The Chronicles

The Comic Source Podcast – Episode 214 – The Comic Source Awards Best of 2017

In this episode we discuss: The Comic Source Podcast Episode 214 The Comic Source Awards Best of 2017 Best New Hero or Hero Team Jace - Stanford Yu - Mech Cadet Yu - Writer –

2017 Comic Source Awards – 9 Panel Grid: EPISODE 28

On our podcast this week we are doing our annual Source Awards! Where we look back at the previous year and pick our favorites in various comic categories, see our show notes below for the

Sonic The Hedgehog Races Back To Comic Stands In April

It's been almost 27 years since we first met Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. He debuted in his first title Sonic The Hedgehog on June 23rd 1991. Since then, we have seen the speedster in many

Marvel Comics Still Dominated In Comic Book Sales In 2017

The numbers are in from comic book distributor Diamond for 2017 and thanks to Comichron we have a good look at how the comic book industry did last year. Overall, the industry was down 10%

Superman’s Classic Costume Returns In Actin Comics #1000

Action Comics #1000 hits stands on April 18. The issue is the DC Comics debut of writer Brian Michael Bendis, and joining him in landmark issue is an incredible lineup of creative talent that includes

AfterShock Is Publisher of the Year 2017

AfterShock Comics wins Diamond Distributor Publisher of the Year Award In a lot of ways, AfterShock Comics is the new kid on the block. They only started publishing comics in 2015 and aren't a household