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Jenna Millman And Juan Camilo Cruz Discuss Messi’s World Cup: The Rise Of A Legend | Exclusive

Lionel Messi is one of the most decorative athletes in the world. Unfortunately, the one proof of a soccer player's success had not been reached, until the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. During the time

Pepe Serna Talks About His Colorful Life In Pepe Serna: Life Is Art | Exclusive

For over five decades, Pepe Serna has maintained the door open for more Chicanos to break into Hollywood. In his new documentary, Pepe Serna: Life is Art, Serna himself shares his colorful journey in the

Sister Úna Lived a Good Death | Par Parekh On Celebrating The Last Days of a Nun

Director Par Parekh wanted to film something that celebrates life and not death. He came across a nun in Los Angeles dying of cancer, but rather than filming the last days of survival—the vibrant woman

Pepe Serna: Life Is Art | Documentary

Pepe Serna is known for his character Ángel Fernández, in the classic Scarface with Al Pacino.  With over fifty years in the entertainment industry there is no stopping. Last year Serna was seen in Eva

Astra Awards 2024 Red Carpet Interviews Danielle Brooks, Adam Conover, Madeleine McGraw, Violet McGraw, and More!

The Astra Awards 2024 kicked off the major awards season with its Astra Film Awards on Saturday at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. In a star-studded gala, many celebrities, filmmakers, and members of the

American Nightmare Trailer Recounts Real-Life Gone Girl Investigation in Netflix Doc Series

It is one of the most bizarre crime stories of this decade that is the focus of the Netflix documentary series American Nightmare. The crime was the kidnapping of Denise Huskins during a home invasion

Aarón Díaz Habla De Las Riqueza De México En Reconexión: México | Exclusiva

Después de que Aarón Díaz se inspiró por su pasión a México al crear Reconexión ahora lo vive a un nivel más grande con RECONEXIÓN: MÉXICO. Un documental de viajes que muestra las riquezas de

BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star Docuseries Now Streaming on Disney+

For BTS fans, the wait is over. The behind-the-scenes docuseries BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star is now streaming on Disney+ today. The eight-part docuseries looks into their 10-year journey with the highs and lows of

Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer | Thomas von Steinaecker on Documenting His Film Hero

As the saying goes, “Never meet your heroes.” Documentary director Thomas von Steinaecker met and followed Werner Herzog for Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer, which eventually became one of the best experiences of his life. His

Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story | Paul Michael Angell and Jeff Eastman on the Stan Brock Legacy

Stan Brock had an extraordinary life as a wildlife expert, actor, and philanthropist for decades. As a dedication to his life service, Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story retells the story of a former cowboy