– by Shockey

Titan-Comics is proud to be releasing the third part of the high acclaimed Snow Piercer comic series.  

As the dystopian train, Snowpiercer slows to a halt, can what is left of humanity survive?

This collection of three sequential pages perfectly represents the unique dystopian future that humanity faces aboard Snowpiercer and the degenerative class system that separates the survivors. 

The Icebreaker has finally stopped its endless loop around the world. The last known survivors of the human race are driven by the need to know; Could it be that they aren’t really alone in the world? Is there finally hope?

WRITER:  Olivier Bocquet
ARTIST:  Jean-Marc Rochette    
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics

PRICE: $29.99
ON SALE: Feb 17, 2016

You can order Snowpiercer: Terminus from the October edition of PREVIEW or pre-order your copy from Amazon here

Snowpiercer 1 The Escape and Snowpiercer The Explorers are available now!

Source: Titan Comics

Twitter: @olivervsslade