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While yes, DEADPOOL may be destroying the box office right now, it’s worth pointing out that it is a success well-deserved. From day one, the film was something of an underdog tale. In a genre where big budget explosions are its bread and butter, it really had to rise above all that in a unique way–despite being made for about a third of the budget of most superhero movies.

DEADPOOL managed to have heart, laughs, and above all else, really solid direction from director Tim Miller. Given the financial limitations of the film, it’s no wonder that someone like MIller, who co-founded his own visual effects company, would be a good fit for a movie that needs to look like $75 million on a $58 million budget.

Sure, the effects may have been modest, but they were more than serviceable, and in many cases, quite impressive.

Check out a video that breaks down many of the effects in the film!

Not only does the video break down many of the key set pieces in the film, but it also shows how they put Colossus together. Say what you will about the limited scope of the film, but the fact that they were able to pull off what they did on the budget they had is quite a feat indeed.

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