– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Following Andrew Garfield’s foray into the Spideyverse as the webslinger himself, some fans were hoping to to see a little bit of diversity in the next incarnation of Spider-Man. With the casting of Tom Holland, however, Marvel and Sony made it clear that they’d rather stick to the Peter Parker incarnation of the superhero for the time being. This disappointed some fans of Miles Morales, a character who picks up the Spider-Man mantle after Peter Parker’s death, and who happens to be a Black Hispanic.

Given Marvel and Sony’s current direction, if we were to get a Miles Morales tale, it probably won’t be for a good decade or so–after Tom Holland has had time to grow up in front of worldwide movie fans. Fans itching to see Miles Morales before then, however, may have their chance with this fanmade film.

Check it out below!

In the movie, we see a hesitant Morales picking up where Peter Parker left off after the latter’s death. His first villain this time around is Frank Oliver, the Kangaroo himself. It’s a cute little short, with little homages scattered about. It even has a post-credits scene, so be sure to stick around.

What did you think of this fanmade short? Would you ever want to see Miles Morales hit the big screen, or do you prefer Peter Parker? Let us know in the comments down below!

SOURCE: Bard Tales Productions

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