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Another day, another rumor. That’s how it goes here on the net, and this latest one is a doozy!

There’s a slate making the rounds that claims to be the current plan for Marvel Studios and their ever-expanding Cinematic Universe. While others covering the supposed plan have referred to it as Phase 4, based on the amount of movies, years, and types of films mentioned on the list I’d say this would also include Phase 5.

Here’s the list, then we can cover some of the more notable aspects of this rumor:

May 1, 2020 – Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3
Jul 10, 2020 – Spider-Man: Coming Of Age
Nov 6, 2020 – Doctor Strange 2

Mar 5, 2021 – Black Widow
May 7, 2021 – Inhumans
Jul 9, 2021 – Black Panther 2
Nov 5, 2021 – Antman 3

Feb 4, 2022 – The Winter Soldier
May 6, 2022 – The New Avengers
Jul 8, 2022 – Nova
Nov 4, 2022 – Captain Marvel 2

Mar 3, 2023 – Sentry/Spider-Woman
May 5, 2023 – Inhumans 2
Jul 7, 2023- Spider-Man: Greatness Awaits
Nov 3, 2023 – Doctor Strange 3

So, let’s see. I should start by saying I don’t really buy this, but let’s just examine it for fun.

If this is to be believed, then it would mean that Marvel Studios is going to up their annual number of releases to four. It would also mean that they’ve worked out a compromise with Isaac Perlmutter that’s so good that not only is INHUMANS going to get made, but it’s even going to get a sequel. Then there’s the idea of characters like Nova, Sentry, and Spider-Woman entering the fray.

Yeah, I’m doubting the hell out of this.

One of many red flags here is the Spider-Man flicks having anything other than a numerical sequel title at this point, when everything else has a number and not a title, and knowing that those scripts haven’t even been written yet.

What, if anything, do you think is legit about this rumored slate?