– by Joseph Jammer Medina

When I first heard about We Are Your Friends I thought, “Is this the sequel to Neighbors?” But no, it isn’t. It looks like a movie about youthful hustle and ambition. It also happens to hit home for me because I’ve been a professional DJ for 13 years, so I get a kick out of the trailer’s attempt to explain what we do.

(For the record, the difference between 125BPM and 128BPM is barely noticeable).

Check it out below:

Looks pretty decent, no? Oh, and if you’re still one of those on the Zac Efron Sucks bandwagon just because he became famous in High School Musical, I think you need to move on. The guy has shown plenty of promise since then and I, for one, started taking him seriously a few years back. 

Also, funny bit of trivia, the film is directed by Max Joseph. Fans of MTV’s Catfish will knowMax as Nev’s partner-in-crime on the reality series.

We Are Your Friends comes out on August 28.

SOURCE: Warner Bros

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