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The curse of the video game movie is a well-worn topic. I’ve covered it on countless occasions, and we’re sure that plenty of you have discussed it as well, either on this site or among your real-world friends. As of this writing, there has been no wholly successful video game movie to hit the big screen. Sure, we’ve had modest successes like the Resident Evil franchise, but there’s been no success on the same level as, say, X-Men or Spider-Man, which were films that helped set the standard for comic book movies that came after them.

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One of the first films to kickstart the trend of awful video game movies was none other than the Super Mario Bros. movie, which starred Bob Hoskins in the titular role of Mario Mario. Interestingly enough, Hoskins wasn’t the first choice. Speaking with Forbes’ Simon Thompson and actor Tommy Chong, actor Cheech Marin revealed that he was actually offered the role.

“I turned down a few video games when they were first starting out. They wanted me to be this character and it turned out the character they were asking me to be was Mario of the Mario Bros. … Yeah, for real. They were going to give me a cut of the royalties and everything.”

He seriously dodged a bullet there. Despite the film having solid actors like Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo, it wasn’t enough to keep that sinking ship afloat. Between the strange, dark tone and the terrible script, it was the film that launched a thousand awful movies.

Do you think you would have preferred to see Marin play Mario over Hoskins? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Forbes

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