– by Campbell Clark

I think we all know this story now, Lucasfilm announced that after JJ Abrams had directed 2015’s The Force Awakens, Rian Johnson would tackle Star Wars: Episode 8 and Colin Trevorrow was in for Episode 9. As a fan I was far more excited to see what Rian Johnson could do than Trevorrow. However, hindsight is a great thing and for me Johnson was the wrong choice for Episode 8. At the time though, I was more concerned with Trevorrow getting the finale. Trevorrow had great success with Jurassic World, but having watched the movie, I personally thought it absolute trash.

By the time Episode 8 came around, now titled The Last Jedi, we learned that Colin Trevorrow had been fired from directing duties on Episode 9. The reason given was the usual ‘creative differences’ however, many wondered if the critical bashing his last film The Book of Henry received, was the main cause of his departure from Star Wars.

Here is what the director said when speaking with Uproxx,

“You know, I don’t know. I mean, I can’t really speculate on it. I’ll tell you that the reaction to Book of Henry was far more damaging than the actual movie. And I don’t mean specifically at Lucasfilm. I mean, that was a very acidic situation. And, look, every director who has worked in Lucasfilm put their heart and soul into the job and they left it all on the field, and the bottom line here is that sometimes creative people can’t find a shared path through the woods.”

It does certainly seem like creative differences was the reason after all. The buzz is that Trevorrow turned in an early draft of the script, which neither he nor writing partner Derek Connolly were very happy with and neither was Kathleen Kennedy. Kennedy then brought in Jack Thorne to do re-writes, which still were not getting the results they all wanted. It was at that point when Kennedy decided to switch focus and brought JJ Abrams back on board with his writing partner Chris Terrio.

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At one point I would have said Star Wars dodged a bullet, but for me, the problems with this sequel trilogy all began as a result of hiring JJ Abrams in the first place. Sure, he did what JJ does, he copied the shit out of what came before and gave fans a healthy dose of nostalgia, which temporarily erased the melancholy of the prequels. The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, feel like they were made by different people with different ideas. whether you like this idea or not, really depends on how you view a trilogy.

Of course, the debate about The Last Jedi rages on around the world and is ever present here at LRM. Stay tuned to LRM for our long-awaited roundtable writers debate, which should arrive as soon as we can stop arguing. Hmm, we may need another week then.

What do you think of Trevorrow’s comments, are you happy he was removed or would you have liked to see what he could bring to Episode 9? Share your Star Wars rants in the comments section below.

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