– by Emmanuel Gomez

Top Cow this week released both Postal #14 and the first issue of a 3 part event called “Eden’s Fall” which takes characters from 3 of their titles “Think Thank”, “The Tithe” and “Postal” for amazing crossover which roots from the fallout of the last issue of The Tithe. Now this upcoming week Top Cow will be releasing a new book titled “Eclipse”, written by first time comic book writer Zack Kaplan, artist Giovanni Timpano and colorist Chris Northrop. It’s a very interesting title as it takes place in a world where one of the greatest threats to human survival is the sun. People have been pushed underground as their only means to stay alive. The problem is there is someone out there who is killing people in the daylight and who has gained the ability to resist the suns deadly rays. I have had the privilege of reading the first issue and the book is very well done. If you are looking for something a bit different than your traditional super hero comic but with a solid story look no further. I will have a review for this when the book is released on Wednesday. It will be available at comic book stores September 7th.