– by Emmanuel Gomez

   My very first Valiant title I was introduced to was Harbinger, which ended up being my gateway book to the rest of the Valiant universe and I haven’t looked back since. Now Fred Van Lente brings us Generation Zero. Who are psiots who escaped capture and from a corporation who attempted to turn them into a weapon. Now they are free and looking to make the world a better place. They offer their services to you if they deem your cause just.

   The book starts off with introducing us to Keisha, who from the very beginning is looking for a way to contact the Generation Zero crew but as we find out so are many other people with their “problems”. Keisha has a very interesting story that she pitches to the group about the town she lives in Rook Michigan. The town was appointed an “emergency manager” to fix the town, and they turned it around to the point where now the town gets the best of everything. But all is not what it seems, Keisha beings a relationship with a boy named Stephen who believes that the whole town is a fake and it’s all for show. He also claims that he has figured it all out but he needs to check something out first. Sadly he is reported dead the next day, cause of death was supposedly drunk driving. But this doesn’t make sense to Keisha since she had never seen him take a drink. This information was enough to trigger a response from the group, who appear in a form of a hologram on her laptop and tell her to hang tight while they handle the situation properly. The next day she finds something ominous in her mailbox, a small package from Stephen with a CD titled “KEISH’S MIX” this way it couldn’t be tracked. He was on his way to check out a tower on the outside of town. Now it was up to her to investigate the tower and lucky for her she has an excuse, she will be attending a party in Stephen’s honor outside of town nearby. While investigating the site, she is ambushed by some very creepy slenderman looking guys with strange guns. After failing to get away she is rescued by the crew of Generation Zero.

   I thought this was a great first issue. Fred Van Lente gives us just enough information to keep me hooked. For example, I know understand that there is foul play in Keisha’s town but I really want to learn more about the town and whoever is running it. Also those folks who I presume are henchmen looked really creepy and I look forward to seeing what other “things” or “creatures” this book has in store for us. Although we got some profiles on the group of psiots, I can’t wait to see them in action. The artwork is good, although there is something in the facial expressions I find off. The colors throughout the book are really good, setting the right mood panel to panel. Valiant once again delivers a quality book. It is safe to say that I will be picking up the second issue.

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Artwork: Francis Portela

Colors: Andrew Dalhouse