– by Emmanuel Gomez

   What a job Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have done with a character that was created for the animated series as Joker’s girlfriend. When you look back at the series and recent books where she is featured with the Joker, you know how dysfunctional and unhealthy the relationship was, like it is with some unfortunate women in the real world. But thanks to the amazing creative team that I just mentioned we now have a strong independent character that day by day needed less of the Joker and more of her friends like Ivy. Through her 30 issues and specials we saw a lot of growth in Harley’s character as well as her good and bad qualities flourish. For example her loyalty to those she considers friends and family and of course if necessary she takes it to a homicidal level if necessary. For most readers she quickly became a very likable character and one who was easy to follow. One of her best moments in my opinion was when she was able to overcome the Joker face to face and give him quite the beat down in Arkham Asylum, showing us readers how much she had grown. With that we now come to Harley Quinn’s Rebirth issue.

   They take a good chunk of the first part of the issue on recapping Harley’s journey and showing off a spa date that she had with Ivy that is mentioned in issue #30. She takes the stage and introduces all her friends that she has made since arriving. For example the girls from her skate club, the residents of her apartment building and her gang of Harleys. Also she gives us a brief look into her life before being Harley, something we saw in an issue of “Secret Origins” last year, not to mention a brief look into her relationship with the Joker. She reveals something very interesting in these panels, that she played “the ditz” because that was what he loved the most not because she was one. After all that they move to introduce the next story arc which features zombies. I won’t reveal how it happens but it’s a very creative way to go about it and it involves cows and an alien. Red Tool also makes a comeback but by the end of the issues I would say that he needs a hand in his current predicament (literally and figuratively).

   What impresses me about Harley Quinn’s title is how her story arcs are sometimes very obscure and sometimes even seem a little over the top. Yet to this day I am still very entertained, always wondering what kind of crazy plot Jimmy and Amanda going to put her through next. I believe it’s because they do such a fantastic job with developing the characters. For example I find myself rooting for Tony and his crush on Harley, also although I hated Red Tool in the beginning he has grown on me through the few issues he has been featured in. Last I will mention Poison Ivy who we know is pretty much Harley’s girlfriend, I am sure one of these days they will make it official now that they are bringing couplesback together. Harley Quinn has become such an important female character in DC Comics like Deadpool in Marvel. How great would be crossover? We have seen annuals, Valentine’s Day specials, Comic Con specials, variant covers, rub and smell specials, mini-series with Power Girl and her Little Black Book specials. So what is obvious here is that Harley Quinn sells books (not to mention good writing and let’s not forget Chad Hardin’s great art). Now Harley Quinn is being used by DC to sell movie tickets! Let’s be honest besides Leto’s Joker most fans are looking forward to seeing Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn. Let’s just hope she can knock it out of the park. Meanwhile Amanda and Jimmy will make sure Harley continues to do just that in the panels of her comic book. They will do that by continuing to do what they do best because it’s like they said at Wondercon “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Artwork: Chad Hardin

Colors: Alex Sinclair