– by Emmanuel Gomez

   In a blink of an eye we are already on issue number 3 of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. The first two issues featured the battle between the two groups as well as their capture and this is where we pick up. Each member of the league has been placed in a specific holding cell where they cannot escape. While moving Batman and being told that he cannot escape… he escapes and confronts Amanda Waller who is already waiting for him. Soon he learns that Waller had kidnapped the league to ask for their help (as confusing as that sounds), that they should be grateful she didn’t inject a bomb in their necks. She then proceeds to let them go and show them and the Suicide Squad the predicament that she is in. Maxwell Lord has freed a group out of a hidden prison called “The Catacombs” and now they want to kill her and to get their hands on a weapon that can grant him world domination. The Squad and the League are reluctant to work with each other, only to find out that Maxwell Lord and his group is already on its way to Belle Reve where the weapon is also conveniently stored. Waller tells them that they are dangerous because they work as a team, being that she put them together as the first Suicide Squad.

   So far I am a bit underwhelmed by this crossover as Amanda Waller’s way to get in touch with the Justice League seems very complicated for no reason. She had already been working a lot with Batman and I am sure that by mentioning Maxwell Lord in a memo, phone call or whatever she would have had their full attention. Of course then we would not have had Killer Frost have a couple of key moments in the last issue as well has her little heart to heart with Superman. This is relevant since she is going to have a Rebirth title soon as well as be a part of Justice League America. My favorite part of this issue has to be the panels describing each of the escaped villains and their abilities since I really don’t know much about them. As far as the artwork I would give it a fair grade nothing extraordinary but terrible, although I will say that some of the book looks a bit rushed. Overall it’s a fair issue but it they could have found a more creative way to bring the two teams together, without all the chess piece moves that Waller takes creditfor. I will say that by the end of this title, I would like to see the fall or Amanda Waller as I think that DC needs to put her on the shelf for a while, I feel that sometimes she is given way to much credit for not doing much.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artwork: Jesus Merino

Inks: Andy Owens

Colors: Alex Sinclair & Jeremiah Skipper