– by Emmanuel Gomez

To be honest I know very little about Rom. The only reason I even picked this up is because a close friend of mine is a huge Rom fan to the point where he has dedicated an entire book of commissions to the character. Also during Free Comic Book Day Rom was one of the offerings that I picked up and very much enjoyed, so I have decided to give this book a shot. According to the inside of the cover, Rom is a space knights hunting down creatures called Dire Wraiths. Who apparently are evil magicians who tried to take down the Solstar Order (which is in another Galaxy), failed and have now been hiding from Rom on Earth.

   In this issue Rom arrives on Earth after the Dire Wraith had been there for a while. Thus Rom’s mission becomes a lot more complicated as the wraiths had been infiltrating entire towns and even parts of the military. Although they are able cloak as humans Rom has a device called an “Energy Analyzer” that can reveal their true form. Once he finds them, he uses a weapon called the “Neutralizer” to eliminate the enemy. According to Rom the issue with this planet was that humans occupy too much of the land masses, making real easy for Wraiths to hide. Now he is searching for a human to help guide him on this planet. Near the end of the issue it looks like he may have found that human, a soldier on leave named Darby. We find her and family in the park with her family, but little does she know that they have all been taken over by Dire Wraiths. Lucky for her Rom shows up right on time to save her from them. It is then revealed that the entire town has been infected by the Wraiths and is looking to make Rom look like a threat to humanity. Now it is up to Rom to clearup his intentions and reveal the true danger and do “whatever is required” to rid the planet of the Dire Wraiths.

   Like I said in the beginning my friends love for this character sparked my curiosity to pick this up. It was a great first issue but probably because I am a bit unfamiliar with the character I found him a bit flat. Yes I understand that he is a robot and there aren’t many emotions there. Hopefully by continuing to read this title I can gain some understanding on who Rom is and how he operates. If there are any fans of Rom who would like to share some Rom facts with me I would appreciate it. The artwork by David Messina is really good, very good lines and I like the way the book is colored. This book is definitely worth picking up at least to try out. As for me I am at least sticking around for 2 more issues, hopefully it can keep me hooked.

Publisher: IDW

Writers: Christos Gage & Chris Ryall

Artwork: David Messina

Inks: Michele Pasta

Colors: David Messina