Comic Book Review: The Dark Knight III The Master Race #5

   Yet another title to be plagued by delays. So by the time I got around to picking it up this past week, I had really lost all momentum toward the story. With Quar and the rest of the Master Race hovering above Gotham waiting for Batman to be delivered to him, the remaining heroes put Batman’s plan into action. With Barry Allen having his legs badly broken in battle Batman has put him into an “Oracle” role manipulating the weather. Meanwhile Carrie and Aquaman have traveled deep into the ocean to retrieve Superman’s frozen body. When they bring him back up Carrie uses a special needle to allow Superman to break free. Back in Gotham time has run out for the city to give up the Dark Knight, but as the Quar and his followers attack the Bat Signal is dramatically shined above and a synthetic kryptonite rain falls across Gotham causing Quar and his followers to drop down to the ground weakened. Although in no shape to fight, Batman along the mob that is now on his side take on the fallen Kandorians. AsBatman struggles to keep up, he gets back up in a very unlikely form, Superman wearing an armored suite.

   This issue turned out a lot better than I expected. We slowly have the former Justice League coming together to help out against Quar and his Army. Aquaman helped Carrie bring back the Superman, Flash tried to fight them only to end up having his legs badly broken, and even Wonder Woman looks like she is fed up with being separated from the rest of the world. I enjoyed Batman do what Batman does best, plan and execute. It was interesting to me how he had even built Superman an armored suite just in case he wasn’t the target of the kryptonite rain. I also liked the way Batman understood his limitations, knowing that even though he would fight he probably wasn’t going to do much. But of course he had that planned out with the return of Armored Superman (can’t wait to see that in a figure). Now a few questions linger for example how important will Lara & Diana’s roles be in the next few issues? Also personally I want to know how much does Brue have left in the tank?  Hopefully we get the next few issues on time so we can finally wrap this up.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writers: Brian Azzarello & Frank Miller

Artwork: Klaus Janson & Andy Kubert

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