– by Emmanuel Gomez

Nicola Scott & Romulo Fajardo Jr. (DC COMICS)

Nicola Scott & Romulo Fajardo Jr. (DC COMICS)

   Greg Rucka and the Wonder Woman creative team are taking an interesting approach to her twice a month title. They will be telling two stories, the first called “The Lies”, which we were treated to two weeks ago featuring the artwork of Liam Sharp. The second is “Year One” featuring the artwork of Nicola Scott and that is the book we are going to cover here today.

   The first issue of “Year One” is a true origin story for both Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. Throughout the book we are shown the point of view of both of them, Diana on the island of Themyscira and Steve serving in the army somewhere. As they go by living their lives day by day it’s very obvious that something is missing in each of them and they seem to struggle to figure out how to fill the void. The issue ends with the infamous arrival of Steve Trevor on Themyscira via a plane crash.

   Nothing against Greg Rucka’s great writing, but the best part of this issue is the artwork by Nicola Scott. Panel to panel she does a phenomenal job at expressing characters emotions. To the point that a lot of these panels don’t even need words, you are able to make out the story by simply looking at the art. A page that stands out features Steve Trevor and his friend Nick are boarding a plan to head out on a mission, there are no words on the panels but you are able to understand their feelings. Great quality work by Nicola Scott!

   Overall this was a very solid Year One issue. There is no doubt that the team of Greg Rucka with Nicola Scott are off to a great start. This issue does a great job at re-introducing Diana and Steve to us in a very simple form. Seeing the way this issue developed really has me looking forward to the next issue. I cannot wait to see the relationship between Diana and Steve develop while no doubt facing adversity from their respective worlds. With a Wonder Woman film around the corner this book is an excellent place to start a new reader before they hit the theaters.

Nicola Scott & Romulo Fajardo Jr. (DC COMICS)

Nicola Scott & Romulo Fajardo Jr. (DC COMICS)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artwork: Nicola Scott

Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr.