– by Emmanuel Gomez

Join Jace and Manny as we get ready for the release of DC’s Dark Nights: Metal #2 and Mister Miracle #2 by reviewing the first issues of the series. We also take some time and talk about the final issue of one of our favorite Top Cow Productions books my Matt Hawkins Think Tank as well as the third issue of Valiant Entertainment’s Secret Weapon #3. We wrap up the episode by ranting a bit about Marvel Legacy and a title that has been very late Justice League/Power Rangers. Enjoy!

The 9 Panel Grid

Episode 22

Comic Talk

  1. Mister Miracle
    1. Origin-First Appearance, Created by Jack Kirby in Mister Miracle #1
    2. Late 80’s-90’s
    3. 2000’s
    4. New 52
    5. Now – 12 issue series by Tom King and Mitch Gerads
      1. Mitch Gerads interview- http://thecomicsourceblog.com/episode-192-mitch-gerads-mister-miracle-interview/
  2. Metal #1 – What it’s all about
    1. Expectations
    2. Creator equity
  3. Justice League/Power Rangers – Tom Taylor, Stephen Byrne
    1. Lateness
    2. Story overall
  4. Think Tank wraps up
    1. Animal #4
  5. Secret Weapons #3
    1. Story so far
  6. Marvel Legacy – What is it???
    1. Covers
    2. Timeline of announcements
    3. Return to the roots
    4. Numbering

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