– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Ever since it was announced that Boyd Holbrook was playing the evil cyborg Donald Pierce in James Mangold’s Logan, speculation has run rampant that the Reavers would appear alongside him in the third solo Wolverine movie. Today, the official Instagram for Logan confirmed that in as black and white a way as it gets. 

Here’s a shot of one of the mutant-hating cyborg Reavers from the production of Logan:


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Here’s a description of the Reavers and who they are in the X-Men comics canon, courtesy or WikiPedia:

“The Reavers are reassembled under the leadership of Donald Pierce, who reorganizes the team as an assassination squadron to undertake para-military style commando operations, dedicated to taking vengeance on the X-Men in particular and eliminating mutants in general. Pierce combines the three survivors of the original Reavers with Lady Deathstrike and the three former Hellfire Club mercenaries Cole, Macon, and Reese. No explanation is given for why Pretty Boy, Skullbuster, and Bonebreaker came to be involved with the group, aside from Pierce claiming to have created the original Reavers.”

As you can see, there’s a whole backstory that we’re not sure is going to make it into Logan– especially since Pierce’s affiliation with the Reavers seems to have begun after the group had already originated without him. It’s likely that the version we meet in Logan won’t have that kind of backstory and will only serve as Pierce’s minions.

Logan comes out on March 3.

SOURCE: Instagram

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