– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Okay, so before we delve into this, I want to make sure you have your tinfoil hat securely fastened. You good? Good. Now let’s dive in. Now let’s get conspiratorial.

Earlier today, we reported on the tweet that revealed Avengers: Infinity War would be hitting theaters on April 27, instead of May 4. That’s pretty cool news in and of itself, but could we be getting much more tomorrow?

Allow me to point to Exhibit A. The tweet from Marvel Studios. It was a culmination of several tweets between them and Robert Downey Jr., but in that tweet, Marvel Studios says FANTASTIC in all caps.

Now that in and of itself is no big deal. Fantastic is a perfectly good word to use. It’s functional and enthusiastic, and we have almost no reason to suspect it means anything more than, “extraordinarily good or attractive,” as described by the top Google search.

But then let me point to you Exhibit B, a tweet from Ryan Penagos, the VP and creative executive of Marvel News Media. He retweets the news from Marvel Entertainment (not Marvel Studios), and shortly thereafter, gives the completely out of context .gif from the movie Men in Black, with the subtitle reading, “Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.”

This could very well be proof that in addition to this Marvel news, there could be much more for audiences to look forward to (Insert obligatory “back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and to the left” line). Could he be teasing the FANTASTIC news, or is it something more along the lines of a new trailer or tickets?

We don’t have much longer to wait.

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SOURCE: Marvel Studios, Ryan Penagos

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