– by Mark Cook

Welcome back!  Arrow took a small hiatus, but is now back.  Last episode, the team saved Roy from Diaz’s grasp as he looks to take control of the city.  This week’s episode looks to bring Nyssa back in search for Thea.  Will Thea become the new Ra’s and take her father’s place?  Read on to find out.

The Heiress — The episode began with a brief flashback to four years prior when Thea met with Malcolm before her training.  We then see the present day and what has become of the League with their current leader, Athena, telling Nyssa that they have cleansed themselves of her father and are now fully supportive of Malcolm’s legacy.  There is quite the divide between these two strong female leaders.  As Nyssa escapes, she finds Thea and Roy, but is she looking to help Thea, or could she be jealous and want control of her father’s former league?  It comes to be known that Athena was a loyalist to Malcolm whom he entrusted to keep the League together even after they had been disbanded. Nyssa, on the other hand, actually needs Thea’s help obtaining a map from loyalists.  The dialogue between Nyssa and Felicity concerning their marriages to Oliver.  In typical Malcolm fashion, he made it so that Thea would be the only individual who access the map.  As they go to find the map Roy tags along, which was awesome to see, and he was wearing the baseball cap, much like a contemporary version of Arsenal from the comics!

Obviously, a fight ensues in a warehouse (duh) which ends in the team escaping from Athena. Nyssa seems to be a sympathetic character here telling Thea that she was born to take on the burden of the heiress and not Thea.  I also enjoyed her little comments to Oliver about being her husband and that she likes saying it because Felicity doesn’t like it.  Athena later takes over a gas plant in order to obtain the map from Thea and the team.  Off to another warehouse they go. The episode started a little slow, but there has been a decent amount of action even if they have taken place in two warehouses.  Also, it has been nice having Roy back.  I always enjoyed his character and having him on the show.  I feel he has been missed over the past seasons.  As they are fighting with the League they find out that they literally needed Thea’s blood in order to read the map.  As some blood drips from her chin to the map, an image emerges. We find out that the map will lead them to three different…Lazarus Pits!  The plus side is that Thea is going to go with Nyssa on a mission to destroy the Lazarus Pits.  Now I thought the negative side would be she leaving Roy again, but he decides to go with her.

In’s and Out’s — Thea and Roy decided at the beginning of the episode to go away together, not yet knowing the destination.  Of course, we knew that wouldn’t last long.  At the farewell party viewers find out that the new Laurel is still living with Lance, and he still doesn’t completely trust her.  Meanwhile, Dinah and Curtis are on the hunt for crooked cops on Diaz’s payroll, and begin to have strong suspensions on Captain Hill.  This has actually been somewhat interesting because it has kept the secondary characters as that…secondary.  They are still involved in an interesting way, but are not sharing equal screen time with the main characters, which I had felt was an issue, especially last season. Although I don’t like how Curtis is pretty much a male version of Felicity.  His extremely quick talking when he is nervous is just as annoying as when Felicity does it.

Next week looks to pit Diggle and Oliver against each other…again?  It seems as if we have some filler episodes, but will they connect well to the overall plot?  I still want to know where in the world Slade and his son are.  I hope they come back at some point. What did you think of this week’s episode?  Did you enjoy the reintroduction of The League?  Was this a new plot point, or merely a finale goodbye for Roy and Thea’s characters? Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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