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Deadline reports that SPECTRE actor Daniel Craig is in talks to join Halle Berry in the film entitled KINGS. 

According to the outlet, KINGS is the English-language debut of Turkish-French filmmaker Deniz Gamze Ergüven and is set against the backdrop of the L.A. riots that took place after the Rodney King trial back in 1992.

Craig is set to play the character of Ollie, “a loner who lives in South Central — one of its only white residents — who befriends Berry’s character, a tough, protective mother who looks after a group of kids. When the riots explode in the city, Craig’s character helps Berry, who is secretly in love with him, try and track down the kids from the worst of the violence.”

While the premise definitely sounds like a hard-hitting Oscar bait flick, the outlet states that the flick will have a lightness to it mixed in with the more serious tone. Considering the film is based on the riots that lasted six days and resulted in 55 deaths, a bit of lightness would likely be welcome, though not so much that it’s at the expense of the historical backdrop inwhich it is based.

Currently, it’s unknown when the film would shoot, but this news comes after Craig also committed himself to the LOGAN LUCKY series, which only seems to further cement the idea that Craig is done playing James Bond. At this point, it’s almost a foregone conclusion, and I eagerly await the day the studio announces who will be picking up the reins after Craig.

What do you think of the idea of KINGS? Do you think Craig is done with Bond? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline