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Image via Metro UK

Image via Metro UK

If there’s one actor who’s managed to keep his head above water following a good decade of growing up on screen, it’s Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. After the conclusion of that series, he seemed to stay low for a while, and has since made his mark on several indie films, along with a few bigger budget ones thrown in for good measure. More than anything, Radcliffe seems to picking and choosing his projects very carefully — not necessarily opting to hop onto other big franchises, but instead searching for creatively fulfilling titles. After spending a decade attached to 8 films in a running series, you can imagine he’d be hesitant to commit to something so life-consuming.

There is, however, one character he would’ve been more than happy to play: Spider-Man. Speaking with Metro UK, Radcliffe expressed his enthusiasm for the character.

“I would’ve been a good Spider-Man but the boat has sailed on that and I’m very happy to watch Tom Holland do it. He’s fantastic. I love superhero movies.”

Indeed, it doesn’t really seem like that option was ever really on the table for the actor. While 27 is rather young, at this point in the game, Marvel and Sony were looking for someone who could pull off a high schooler, and sadly Radcliffe no longer fits the bill. Not to mention the fact that Holland absolutely nailed the character in the recent Captain America: Civil War, and was, in the eyes of many, one of the highlights of the flick. 

Okay, so Spider-Man doesn’t appear to be in Radcliffe’s future any time soon. Would an actor that’s spent more than a third of his life on a franchise have any interesting in joining another long-running franchise?

Radcliffe replied:

“If it was good enough and something I was interested in. I’m not sure if I’d sign up for something that was another seven or eight films or ten years but a shorter franchise, yeah.”

Get cracking, Hollywood.

What do you think? Would Radcliffe make a suitable lead for another franchise, or is he far too recognizable nowadays? Let us know your thoughts down below!