– by Nick Doll

A new Halloween film is on the way with actor and writer Danny McBride (The Foot Fist Way, Your Highness) penning the script, and David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Stronger) set to direct.

If that duo, better known for their comedies than dramas or horror films, sounds like a step in the wrong direction, the script is supposedly fantastic… and Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to the franchise. Also, John Carpenter is returning to do the new score. Did that help ease anyone’s fears?

Still, how exactly will the latest Halloween film fit into the overall continuity of the franchise, especially with Jamie Lee Curtis returning? McBride had this to say in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment:

“We’re kind of ignoring all the films past the first one. It picks up after the first one, but it’s sort of an alternate reality. It’s as if the first Halloween ended in a slightly different way.”

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That’s an interesting approach to take, and it may be the right one, as there have already been ten Halloween movies making for a very muddled storyline that seems to have made all the wrong moves as the years have passed since the 1978 original.

Does this approach to a Halloween sequel’s story sound appealing to you? Or is it a crime to ignore the franchise’s other chapters? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Yahoo Entertainment

  • Rez

    I was really excited about this at first but now that they are going to ignore the second one and change the ending of the first…WTF! I really don’t give a shit anymore….

  • Kronx

    Slasher films have not aged well as a genre. The characters are so poorly constructed that we tend to root for the killer to spare us their presence.

    Halloween was the best of them though. Donald Pleasance, a mute shape of a killer, the suburbs, it had all the ingredients to chill us to the bone.

    • SeanDon

      Besides a few of them, the slasher flicks kind of remind me of some of those gore porn movies that came out. Really just try and shock, jump scare, and show gratuitous violence rather than a fully flushed out movie.

  • Lenin1959

    I liked the first three Halloween movies a lot (Halloween 3 actually being a stand-alone movie beyond the Michael Myers storyline). H20 was entertaining, too. The rest can burn in hell, though.
    So they base it on the first movie but with an a different ending (whatever that means)? Hm… We will see how this is going to work. Let us see what they can pull off.

  • Idatedurmom

    I’m in except for the whole “changing the way the first one ends” part. Now, if they can explain that away simply, and then deliver something awesome I’ll be happy. But unless they can give an amazing explaination of how they’ll do it without giving spoilers prior to the film coming out I may even see it in the theater.