Are They Planning A Sequel?

The DARK/WEB team have always had ideas for what a sequel could look like. So have they given it any more thought since the release of the series?  Of course, and if audiences enjoyed Season One, and there is enough demand to revisit the story, they would definitely want to construct a follow-up. With DARK/WEB being an indie film, in addition to audience demand, raising the funds could also take a bit of time to produce it, but Michael and Tim both said they would be willing to allow a larger entity to come in and help them produce it!  So in short, of course, they have ideas for how the series can move forward, but there a lot of moving parts to it.

What Other Topics Could Be Covered In A Sequel?

Michael answered this question by stating, “We’d love to explore the birth of silicon valley and sort of the origins of the dark web itself. And also, if you’ve watched the show, get more into the history of MIHR and where it came from, who created it, what it was designed for. We’d like to explore the history of the internet and the birth of the tech craze in a sort of MAD MEN, looking back way, before we move forward and see how the world would have evolved after the choice our main characters made at the end of season one.”

Focusing on silicon valley could be extremely cool and even bring the focus specifically on to the dark web, which would be a great transition from some of the aftermath of technological aspects in Season 1.  They could take it right to the source.

I would like to see more privacy issues discussed as well, such as drones, smartphones and computer cameras.  Many individuals feel we are being spied on by “Big Brother”.  Maybe this could be a cool route to go that the audience could definitely empathize with.

Could Different Aspects Of Social Media Be Focused On?

While HACKED and VIRAL already touch on the impact of social media, the concept is so vast that there are numerous avenues the creators could go. Michael Nardelli commented, “social media has come in and totally changed the way we communicate, argue, meet people, find a date, etc. so it’s a safe bet that there are more stories to explore in that realm in future DARK/WEB segments”.  Cyber bullying could possibly be a focus.  In this day and age we do not see face-to-face bullying as much as we used to, but what goes on behind the screens can be truly devastating.