– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Deadpool 2 is an interesting film in that it feels like we’ve seen a lot, and yet I don’t feel like we’ve seen enough to really understand the character relationships and dynamics. This, to me, makes this newly-revealed scene just that much more fun to watch, as we finally have an idea of how Domino will interact with the likes of Deadpool.

In this new scene, which was revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we get to see Domino jump into an armored vehicle and take over the wheel. But things are never so easy, as Cable is on her tail and is ready to break in and (I presume) kill the kid who’s inside the vehicle with her. We then get a great line of Deadpool saying for Domino to use her “imaginary powers” to keep the kid safe.

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This is in reference to her “luck,” which pretty much tips things in her favor. In the trailer, Deadpool was of the opinion that luck wasn’t a superpower. Seeing that this extends to beyond that scene is hilarious and makes me want to see what it takes for Deadpool to buy that she indeed has real powers. We then have a hilarious little double entendre moment as Deadpool calls out Cable’s movements, and get one final laugh as Deadpool fails to land inside the truck.

If I wasn’t sold already, this clip would have done it. The action looked solid (albeit choppily cut — though I think that was more because it was edited for TV) and it seemed to be a perfect blend of genuine stakes and humor, which is what made the first film so great.

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SOURCE: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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