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“Deadpool’s going to show up in Logan!” Well, sort of. Okay, not really. Sorry if we misled you, but that’s been a fan pipe dream for a long time now. Despite Logan being coined as Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine, fans were speculating that he’ll pop up in Deadpool 2, and despite Logan’s somber tone, fans were also speculating for a while that Deadpool would pop up in Logan.

It sounds like neither of those scenarios are actually in the cards, but according to one of Slash Film’s sources, the footage that was supposedly shot by Deadpool 2 director David Leitch for the supposed Deadpool cameo was actually footage being used for the Deadpool 2 teaser — a teaser that is set to appear in front of Logan. It all kind of makes sense now that it’s all spelled out, doesn’t it? 

So what does this footage consist of? 

If you don’t want to be spoiled, look away. For those of you who want to know, get comfortable and keep reading.








Comfy? Good.

It starts out with a mugging in an alleyway. Wade Wilson walks by in a hoodie, listening to the song “Call Me Angel,” and — noticing the mugging — cries out “Not in my city!” before hopping into a phone booth, Superman-style. Unfortunately for Deadpool, changing in a phone booth ain’t so easy, and we linger on him trying his best to suit up as the scuffle in the alley escalates. The two men continue to fight, and we hear a gunshot.

Deadpool finally finishes changing, and runs out in slow-motion, only to find the dead body on the ground. Whoops.

This is where Slash Film’s report gets a bit muddled:

“…one source mentioned that Wade starts running off at the mouth like you’d expect, all while going through the dead man’s groceries before walking out of the alley. Meanwhile, our other source added the detail that Stan Lee provides a cameo as someone who sees Wade walking out of the alley with his face exposed and says, ‘Hey, aren’t you Ryan Gosling?’”

They go on to state they have conflicting reports as to whether or not Stan Lee was actually in it or not.

We reached out to a source of our own to clarify the issue, and the response…wasn’t any clearer. They said it was hard to tell and that it was Lee’s voice only if it was him, but he ultimately doubted that it was. 

Regardless of the Marvel overlord will be in the teaser or not, we have to say, it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

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SOURCE: Slash Film

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