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UPDATE: Collider‘s Steve “Frosty” Weintraub recently took to Twitter to say the following in regards to the rumors below:

“Have seen a completely untrue report of ‘Deadpool 2’ testing poorly. From what I heard the first 2 test screenings both scored over 90 with the second one scoring close to the top mark. I’ve also spoken to people that saw it. Everyone said it’s excellent. Fans will love.”

Of course, at this point, it’s all sort of a “he said, she said” kind of deal, but it is encouraging that there’s someone else on the other side.


No matter which way you slice it, Deadpool 2 is fighting an uphill battle. Sure, enthusiasm for the character is at an all-time high, but that makes topping (or even matching) the first film a very difficult prospect. To top it all off, Deadpool has a shtick that is one I can see audiences growing tired of very quickly. Does it mean Deadpool 2 is doomed to disappoint? Of course not. But the possibility is there for those predisposed to the character to hate on it.

Now, it sounds like the movie may have received its very first bit of hate. Not too long ago, we reported on upcoming Deadpool 2 screenings (before we were ordered to take it down from the studio), and over the weekend, it sounds like some of those responses have been leaking.

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Film pundit Robert Meyer Burnett recently took to Twitter when asked if he’d heard about some of the negative reception. His response:

“I have. From my perspective, with what I’ve heard, they’ve made a HUGE, ALIEN 3 blunder with the story. But I haven’t seen it. Love the first film.”

He wasn’t the only one. Actor Mike Kalinowski also responded with some of info of his own.

“I have heard its testing really poorly. They are stunned with what the screening audiences are saying. I know people don’t say much about it but, you CANNOT underestimate Tim Millers contribution to getting Deadpool made. He was 1/2 the equation.”

Of course, given that these statements are all secondhand accounts, we can’t necessarily put our full trust in them. That being said, for my money, I’d put my trust in what Burnett said, as he’s not usually one to stir the pot without having the word of legit sources.

So is Deadpool 2 doomed? Not quite. Remember, the film is undergoing reshoots as we speak, and if they’re smart, they’ll work to address these problems.

Does any of this discourage you from seeing the film, or do you have faith in the testing process? Sound off down below!

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SOURCE: Robert Meyer Burnett, Mike Kalinowski

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