– by Joseph Jammer Medina

A few weeks back, 20th Century Fox made a strange announcement — they’d be re-releasing a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 into theaters. Like many people, my first thought was…what the actual hell? How can you possibly cut Deadpool 2 into a PG-13 film, and what exactly are they trying to do with this movie? Well, it looks like we have a few more details, courtesy of Fox (via MCU Cosmic).

The studio has released some info to theater owners about The Deadpool Before Christmas (which is what it’s being called), and it’s being described as an “adapted version” that was made for those who were unable to make the film because of the R rating. While it’s not a brand-new movie, it will feature 15 minutes of new footage and will also feature a new character. While we don’t know this for sure, it’s a good bet that Fred Savage will be that character, as Ryan Reynolds revealed via Twitter a few weeks back.

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The outlet goes on to speculate that the 15 minutes will likely include Fred Savage stuff in addition to alternate, PG-13 takes of all the R-rated content that pushed Deadpool 2 over the PG-13 mark (which, by my calculations, should be longer than 15 minutes, but what do I know?).

I can’t help but be cynical about this whole deal. Why release this film when the R-rated film is already available for home release? You’d think that audiences who were too young to see the original Deadpool 2 in theaters would have found a way to get their grubby, pubescent hands on it, right? Well, either way, the sad reality is I’ll likely see it in theaters just out of sheer curiosity.

What about you? Does this seem worth it to you? Sound off down below!

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